Acrylic On-site Installation

Our on-site installation service is backed by 20 years of experience building all types of aquariums, from feature installations in private villas, shopping malls to national oceanariums.

More than just project coordinator

As a mainly vertically integrated service provider in China, Lanhu team has required skills, professions, capabilities and resources to build a reliable and high-performance aquarium.


Our multi-disciplinary construction team members deliver state of the art aquariums on-time and on-budget all over the world.


Wherever possible and practical, we hire and train our own talent. We send out our team leader and experts to foreign countries for technical guidance.

  • Exceptional Global Logistics

    Our project management and on-site crews have successfully delivered projects in more than 40 cities and over 10 countries.

Over 100 Employees

Are you creating or upgrading an aquarium? It’s never too early to contact Lanhu.

The earlier in the process you call, the bigger the difference we can make.