Commissioning. Training. Handover.

Our services include technical commissioning of the infrastructure and equipment as well we aquarium staff training to ensure the team is confident in all aspects of running, managing and maintaining the facility before handover.

Successful commissioning, training and handover are important steps in LANHU’s quality assurance programme.

Commissioning is not a moment in time, but a sequence of carefully coordinated events involving many skills and disciplines such as engineers, plumbers, fitters, electricians, specialist technicians, etc.

  • Perfect water

    After tanks construction, waterproofing and seals are cured, Lanhu specialists fill tanks, achieving the correct water chemistry and biology and confirm its stability.

  • Extensive testing

    All plumbing, pumps, life support systems, fixtures and fittings are checked and tested.

  • Animal introduction

    Species are introduced safely, in the correct manner and the appropriate order.

  • Training

    Even though Lanhu designs all systems for easy operation, we provide practical training for aquarium staff so they ready go run everything themselves.

Are you creating or upgrading an aquarium? It’s never too early to contact Lanhu.

The earlier in the process you call, the bigger the difference we can make.