Lanhu acrylics

Exceptional quality

Lanhu aquarium manufactures acrylic sheets with American imported raw material. Monolithic thickness ranges from 20mm to 300mm, while max laminated thickness can reach 700mm. Lanhu acrylics delivers superior performance and reliability than glass for use in aquariums in the following aspects:

  • 17 times stronger

    Capable of withstanding the enormous pressure involved in holding back millions of litres of water.

  • 50% lighter

    Weight matters a lot when you are installing acrylic panels that weights tens or even hundreds of tonnes.

  • Distinctive viewing experiences

    Lanhu is highly skilled in the art of bonding, thermoforming and annealing acrylic to create windows, cylinders, tunnels, domes and other creative structures.

  • Better insulation

    Lanhu acrylic provides 20% more insulation than glass.

  • Clearest view

    Lanhu acrylic is optically superior to glass, so visitors get the clearest possible view of animal exhibits , colorful corals and plants.

  • Greater impact resistance

    This comes in handy on both sides of the windows.

Acrylic panels

We make and install acrylic panels for more than 20 years, the acrylic sheets are available from 20mm to 700mm thick, providing a versatile solution for:

  • Aquarium windows

  • Animal exhibits in oceanarium, theme parks, etc

  • Swimming pool walls and windows

  • Architectural applications

  • Screens and partitions

  • Sound barriers

Acrylic curved panels and cylinders

Create impressive feature exhibits using curved acrylic panels or towering cylindrical attractions.

Large cylindrical aquariums make impressive features in all kinds of venues, such as shopping malls, entertainment centers, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, universities, etc.

Acrylic underwater tunnels

Not only do aquarium tunnels create memorable viewing experiences, some aquariums use them as revenue generating venues for private events such as dining , weddings and social gatherings.

Acrylic viewing domes

Domes have a rich history in many cultures and branches of architecture. In an aquarium, acrylic domes create wondrous small and large-scale viewing experiences.

The manufacturing process involves relatively little material wastage. Plus, correctly-made domes are inherently strong (hence their popularity for large roof structures such as in cathedrals).

So, domes not only create great viewing experiences, they deliver good value for money too.

Are you creating or upgrading an aquarium? It’s never too early to contact Lanhu.

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