Waterproofing Services

Seal it

We use non-toxic and high-grade fiberglass reinforced polymers to seal concrete structures to make sure animals are safe and the aquarium wont leak.

Never compromise on aquarium waterproofing work.

Lanhu aquarium’s waterproofing services provide a strong seal with outstanding long service time.

  • Inert and non-toxic

    Harmless to animals and microorganisms.

  • Best quality

    We use only the best quality fiberglass reinforced polymer for an impervious finish with good crack spanning capacity.

  • Multi-step application

    Aquarium specified "three-layer cloth, five-layer coating" or "four-layer cloth, six-layer coating" waterproof epoxy resin and Fiberglass material.

Lanhu can help you with waterproof issue.

Our waterproofing expertise includes sealing some of China’s largest aquarium viewing panels.

Are you creating or upgrading an aquarium? It’s never too early to contact Lanhu.

The earlier in the process you call, the bigger the difference we can make.